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Gynecological Specialty Procedures & Additional Resources


Essure is a permanent hysteroscopic sterilization procedure that involves placing micro-inserts into the fallopian tubes for occlusion. The Essure procedure does not require general anesthesia, takes an average of 35 minutes to perform and may be done as an outpatient procedure. The Essure procedure is 99.8 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. For more information, please visit


NEXPLANON is a single-rod, progestin-only subdermal contraceptive implant effective for up to three years. NEXPLANON is supplied in a preloaded sterile single-use applicator which facilitates insertion. No incision is necessary for insertion and because you do not have to load the implant into the applicator, the chance of contamination is minimized.
NEXPLANON is an outpatient procedure, performed with local anesthetic in the physician’s office. For more information, please visit


NovaSure is an impedance-controlled, customized ablation of the uterine lining used to reduce or eliminate bleeding. NovaSure is proven to be safe, effective and requiring no pretreatment. NovaSure can be performed using oral anesthesia in the physician office setting and has an excellent success rate. For more information, please visit